Movement of jar people!

Jars deserve a travel bag designed just for them.


JarJoy Bags!

We are JAR people!

Jars hold the food that nourishes our families. They help defend us, our food, and our planet from the toxic effects of plastic.

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We create bags to protect the nourishing traditions of the timeless jar.

Non-toxic jars justifiably carried in non-toxic materials

Fair Trade Certified

Low-impact dyes

Organic and sustainable fabrics:
—   Cotton
—   Hemp
—   Natural rubber
—   Recycled polyester

Ethically and sustainably made in Nepal, India and the USA.

Our Story

Our family began this jar bag journey years ago. One morning, I was in a rush. I wanted to just throw my jars in a bag and get to work!  My husband heard me say, Uhh “I wish I had a jar bag!”

Later at work, I looked to see a memorable text from my husband, “Lets do this! Let’s make bags for jar lovers like us!” My heart jumped, I wanted a jar bag and I wanted the adventure of designing and running a small business.

After years of hard work, patience and fun —  we are proud to present our our homegrown brand… Jar Joy Goods!

Love and jars,
The Lyans