Our Story


Our family began this jar tote biz  years ago. One morning I was in a rush to get to work, I just wanted to throw my jarred lunch in a bag and get out the door.  My husband heard me say, Uhh “I wish I had a bag made to hold my jars!”

Later at work, I read a text from my husband, “Lets do this-Let’s make custom totes for jar lovers like us!” My heart jumped, I wanted to see what we would create and the adventure of running a small family business beside my 9-5 as a dental hygienist.

After years of diligence, patience and fun —  we are proud to present our our homegrown brand… JarJoy Goods!  

Our family enjoys learning all about our food, our biology and this world. We take steps to learn about toxins and what  goes into our body.

We followed this food purity passion which led us to Oregon for three years where my husband became the poultry manager of a pasture based farm.

We then began to miss our CA family. So, we transitioned from farming to working on a horse ranch. We chose a canyon in Los Angeles while living in our RV in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains.  We then decided on another step,  to learn the skills of plumbing and become a tradesman which meant our life on the ranch and in our RV came to a close.

While this chapter brought us to our Chatsworth apartment life, we are making conscious choices at the grocery store while planning our future  family homestead. We are content while focusing on a financial future for our family.

Thanks to everyone who follows our journey. Our original OG Daily Jar Tote is a tote that we use daily! And if you use jars we know that you will love it too. 🌿🙏 

 Follow our fam on IG @jarjoygoods 

Love,  Celeste, Christopher, Naomi and Luke