The Daily Jar Tote/Jar Bag: Organic Waxed Canvas-WFTO Certified

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The Daily Jar Tote is built to divide and carry your jars on the go! Organic waxed cotton canvas that is World Fair Trade Organization certified. Ethically sewn in Nepal.

The jar bag can carry more than your jars and reusable canisters….. if you want to carry just one or two jars, the other areas become nice neat areas for your other needs…. books/ wallet etc.

Jars are non toxic, reliable and vintage!  I try to keep chemicals and toxins out of my food so, I wanted a bag that does the same.

Our JarJoy Goods designs are unique to the one and only original jar bag/ jar tote company: JarJoy Goods. Our exclusive jar totes and jar bags are sustainably made and hand made.




  • World Fair Trade Organization certified (WFTO)
  • The Daily Jar Tote/Jar Bag is made with an organic waxed/heavy weighted canvas that is low impact dyed.
  • Has a removable divider that organizes 4 large or small jar combinations (4-32 oz)
  • This jar bag allows you to minimize plastic waste by having two beautifully sewn in pockets for your reusable utensils/cell phone/essential oils etc.
  • Solid brass hook for your keys!
  • Ethically sewn in Nepal
  • An essential for the daily jar lover!
  • 13.5″  X  9″  X  7.5″ -25 inch handle

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Weight2 lbs

8 reviews for The Daily Jar Tote/Jar Bag: Organic Waxed Canvas-WFTO Certified

  1. Angi

    I love this bag! It is the perfect size for everyday adventures. It’s designed to carry my jars, but works great to carry all of my other things I am toting around. I can tell a lot of thought was put in to making this bag and its earth friendly too!

  2. Brenda Gambee

    I have had this bag for over a year now and it is still my favorite and has held up great. Very good quality. I have actually used it as my purse. I like having the dividers for not only jars but any drink container. Perfect size bag and strap length. I also love the cute orange Jar Joy logo on the front.

  3. Ella Ewing

    This bag is great for so many reasons.

    Firstly, it incentivizes using reusable containers. Secondly, your glass jars won’t break! Thirdly, its cute and comfortable. Fourthly, it stands upright when you set it down (no leaking liquids!) Fifth, I love the little clip that you can attach your car keys to. Sixth, its black and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about ever washing it! Lol.

    I could go on, but really this is worth the investment:)

  4. Heather

    This bag makes me smile and it’s my favorite tote! I use it to carry everything from mason jars to water and wine bottles. I also use it as my daily carry-all purse. I love the simplicity of the design, the quality of the material, the size, and how comfortable it is over my shoulder against my body. The strap length makes is easy to reach in and out of while on my shoulder to access just what I need, while the interior pockets and divider help keep the contents organized (and keeps my bottles upright and damage-free.) Not to mention that logo is so cute!

  5. Sheila Larson

    I absolutely love this bag. It is such high quality and I love that it is ethically made and organic!! It is my go to bag out the door. It keeps my jars and containers straight. My husband steals it all the time when we head out together. I find myself looking for it and he already has it loaded!! We use jars for so much. Celery juice, smoothies, water, etc. and love that it has space for other things as well. Fantastic bag!!!!!

  6. Alexis

    This is a bag with a purpose! I’m a busy mama and I use it to assure that all of my jars get to where I need to be without clanking & breaking because who wants that! And I love using glass versus plastic!
    Even if I have just a jar or two- I use the other compartments for separating kiddos things like socks-bonnets,underwear & diaper needs for my littlest one!
    There is a separate phone space , well, I use it for my phone & it’s super handy! I love to support companies who believe in natural materials, supporting fair trade, sustainability & community.
    Thank you for all that you do!

    Xo Alexis

  7. Amie Lyans

    Goodbye plastic, hello Jar Joy! This bag keeps me grounded. I love the natural materials and the quality construction. Most of all, I love that my glass jars are protected and safe on my daily adventures! I have been enjoying my Jar Joy bag for several years, and now I’m excited to get one in practical and sophisticated black. I know it will be my constant companion for many years to come!

  8. Lacey

    LOVE this awesome bag! The design weights it so it doesn’t tip, which is great! The compartments do a great job at separating the jars and also conforming to the shape and size of whatever else you might decide to put in them. The little side pouches hold utensils and straws or your phone and keys- perfect size!
    I end up using it as a diaper and snack bag with my kiddos sometimes and it actually works great for that too!
    Incredible quality and easy to clean.

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